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Dempster's great game highlights lack of gems by Cubs pitching

Wednesday turned out to be a confluence of events for the Chicago Cubs.

After beating San Francisco 2-1 in an unnecessary bottom of the ninth win, the Cubs have officially completed half of their season.

The team is now 33-48, primarily due to the deficiencies of the starting pitching staff. The offense may not be driving in runners in scoring position, but there is only so much you can do when your pitching staff puts you in a hole of five or six runs before you even make it once through the order.

Sure, there were injuries to begin the year and a lack of suitable replacements for the players that were lost. But the pitchers that didn't get hurt haven't exactly been Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee.

Cubs trade possibilities slim before July deadline

There is a little more than a month remaining before the trade deadline, and the Cubs are firmly in the seller basket.

Chicago is thirteen games under .500, 10 games back of the Cardinals or Brewers, depending on which way the wind is blowing, or who is rained out.

The farm system needs some life (even if the Tennessee Smokies look like the New York Yankees when it comes to the Southern League All-Star team), especially after the best prospects were sent to Tampa for Matt Garza.

But the Cubs are in a poor position because there is almost no one to sell.

Cubs and Yankees - 2 teams, 1 model

For the Cubs, there is no such thing as third time is a charm.

In their second straight attempt to win three games in a row for the first time this season, the Cubs again fell short.

It is hard to be pessimistic after the team has run off four wins in the last six games, including three against the NL Central-contending Brewers.

But being unable to string three 'W's on the board is yet another reason why this year's version of the *cough* lovable *cough* losers have been so disappointing.

Coming into the series against the Yankees, there was at least some reasons to be optimistic. The Cubs seemed to be making things click, even with the out-of-a-hat lineups that Mike Quade posted on a daily basis.

Plus these were not the feared Yankees. These were not the Bronx Bombers. This was Yankees-lite at best.

Javier Baez, the junior Great One and a blast from the past

Javier Baez, welcome to the club.

The Chicago Cubs went the high school route with the first pick in the draft, and went with the bat over a number of high quality pitchers that were still on the board.

Baez, out of Arlington Country Day in Jacksonville, Fla., hit a ridiculous .771 with 22 home runs, 20 doubles and six triples during his senior year. He plays in the same league that a certain Larry Jones dominated when he was in high school.

You might know him as Chipper.

Cubs series roundup: The Machine comes alive, Cardinals sweep

Whatever the price was going to be to sign Albert Pujols this coming off-season, it just went up.

Yes, Pujols was beating up on the Cubs pitching staff. But he wasn't only hitting the free gifts that the Chicago staff gave him.

Pujols was excelling even when the Cubs tried to give him junk, when they tried to pitch away from him, when they tried to fool him.

This was the Pujols of old, the one that was among the top five hitters in the game for the past decade.

This is the guy that will bring in the big contract.

Cubs fans getting what they asked for

Sit back and take it all in Cubs fans. This is the team that you have been asking for.

It only took a rash of injuries to bring it to you.

The Cubs have reluctantly decided to go with the youth movement, thanks to the parade of players now wasting away on the disabled list.

No more Alfonso Soriano or Marlon Byrd. The Cubs now bring you Tyler Colvin and Tony Campana.

No more Reed Johnson off the bench. Say hello to Lou Montanez, Brad Snyder and DJ LeMahieu.

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