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Cubs disappointments don't come worse than in 2008

For Cubs fans, the sting of 2003 is still there.

Since Chicago was five outs away, the Cubs haven't sniffed the World Series, let alone the second round of the playoffs.

In most years, the team has been eliminated before a September swoon would have made any difference.

Cubs need radical old idea: the four man rotation

Since Andrew Cashner's only start of the season, the Chicago Cubs have used four pitchers to try and complete the back end of the rotation.

The James Russell experiment was a disaster.* Doug Davis was nothing more than a longshot.

Ramon Ortiz is lucky he hasn't fallen apart, and Monday, Rodrigo Lopez will take his turn toeing the rubber and attempt to fill what has become a black hole for the Cubs.

The sad fact is that the Cubs just don't have the fifth starter that they desperately need.

One last look at Castro's All-Star appearance

I missed most of the All-Star game Tuesday night. Having just returned from a long vacation with little television watched, it was hard to get entranced by a game that saw almost 11 percent of all the players in the majors invited.

But I did manage to find a seat to watch the last couple of innings, and Starlin Castro, the lone Cub player on the All-Star roster.

Yes, the second half is underway, so it seems a bit late to be quibbling over an All-Star game that is meaningless in the grand scheme of things.*

Yet this is more about what a game like this can do to a player like Castro rather than a rant about the game.

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