Dana DeMuth Didn't Squeeze Anyone During Game 1

Over at Bleed Cubbie Blue, there was an offhand comment about the strike zone during the Cubs' 2-1 loss to the Nationals on Opening Day.

Kerry Wood didn't perform well in his first outing, so the natural reaction is to blame the umpires, because the Sainted No. 34 couldn't have just been bad.

Wood was bad today. He issued three walks, forcing in the tying run, before finally ending the inning on a groundout. It did appear that he had strike three on at least two of the hitters he walked; plate umpire Dana DeMuth was squeezing just about everyone this afternoon, and Wood couldn't adjust.

Fair enough. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But before we all rush the field to tackle the umpires (Don't rush the field to tackle the umpires), maybe we should look at what the cameras that Major League Baseball installed to track pitching tell us.

After all, they supposedly go into umpire performance reviews. If DeMuth was really squeezing Wood, Ryan Dempster and everyone else who took the mound Thursday, we should be able to see it.

To understand these graphs from Brooks Baseball is pretty simple. The red marks are called strikes; the green marks are balls. Swinging strikes are not tracked. The black box is the actual strike zone while the dotted box is the typical called strike zone against that handed hitter.


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