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Javier Baez, the junior Great One and a blast from the past

Javier Baez, welcome to the club.

The Chicago Cubs went the high school route with the first pick in the draft, and went with the bat over a number of high quality pitchers that were still on the board.

Baez, out of Arlington Country Day in Jacksonville, Fla., hit a ridiculous .771 with 22 home runs, 20 doubles and six triples during his senior year. He plays in the same league that a certain Larry Jones dominated when he was in high school.

You might know him as Chipper.

Cubs fans getting what they asked for

Sit back and take it all in Cubs fans. This is the team that you have been asking for.

It only took a rash of injuries to bring it to you.

The Cubs have reluctantly decided to go with the youth movement, thanks to the parade of players now wasting away on the disabled list.

No more Alfonso Soriano or Marlon Byrd. The Cubs now bring you Tyler Colvin and Tony Campana.

No more Reed Johnson off the bench. Say hello to Lou Montanez, Brad Snyder and DJ LeMahieu.

Cubs remove rough Diamond from 40-man roster

You can file this under the category of "Things that I wouldn't be certain about, but look pretty good at this point in time."

By this I mean that I am pretty certain that Cubs minor-league pitcher Thomas Diamond's professional career is the metaphorical toast at this point, after being dropped from the Cubs' 40-man roster to make way for the aged Doug Davis.

In case you missed it, the Cubs called up Davis to start Saturday's rain-soaked, Fox-required affair against the Giants.

Cubs farm report: BP and the Cubs system

Every once in a while, the boys over at Baseball Prospectus give us a glimpse behind the curtain into the world normally reserved for paying members.

Most of what is offered free on the site are blog with small bits of information, once a month, we get a look at the big meaty pieces, the ones they hope will get you to subscribe.

What we received Thursday was a look into Kevin Goldstein's* latest Minor league update, which looks at the games from the day before, and the prospects that one day hope to be playing on the big stage.

What Cub fans received was a sock in the jaw, exposing how some of the
prospects in the system highlight bigger issues at the major league

Cubs Farm Report: Minor leaguers who made noise in spring

Every team wishes for a deep farm system. It gives trade bait, provides cheap talent and generally just makes fans feel like the team will succeed in the long term.

The Cubs though haven't exactly been masters of building a successful minor league pyramid.

But things appear to be starting to change on that front. Early returns on Starlin Castro are positive and despite losing some solid players in the Matt Garza trade, the Cubs have a good core of players who will be forming the starting lineup from 2014 on.

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