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Cubs Quarterly Report Card: The Outfield

Here is the tricky thing about defensive statistics: there isn't any agreement among them about who is a good fielder.

If you want an example of the disconnect, take Alfonso Soriano.

Wander over to the Fan Graphs page and their UZR statistics rate Soriano as actually having saved a run this season prior to Wednesday night's bobble, and that he was a semi-decent outfielder last year.


Cubs Quarterly Report Card: The Infield

A little more than a quarter of the season has passed, time enough to look back and assess the preseason predictions and also give out a few grades for the team based on their performances so far.


Before the year, we thought the Cubs had a shot at finishing just about at .500, probably good enough for third or fourth place.

But to do that, everything had to work perfectly. The team had to stay healthy - always difficult no matter what uniform you wear - and a few players needed to return to form.

Reality has been a harsh to the team, which is sitting at 18-23 after defeating the Florida Marlins on Wednesday night. It is good enough for fifth place, six games behind the Cincinnati Reds.

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