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Cubs series roundup: The Machine comes alive, Cardinals sweep

Whatever the price was going to be to sign Albert Pujols this coming off-season, it just went up.

Yes, Pujols was beating up on the Cubs pitching staff. But he wasn't only hitting the free gifts that the Chicago staff gave him.

Pujols was excelling even when the Cubs tried to give him junk, when they tried to pitch away from him, when they tried to fool him.

This was the Pujols of old, the one that was among the top five hitters in the game for the past decade.

This is the guy that will bring in the big contract.

Cubs series roundup: Almost 100 years later, still losers at Fenway

The hype has passed so now the Chicago Cubs can finally get back to playing baseball.

It is hard to believe a series between an actual contender (the Red Sox) and an also-ran could generate the attention that it did. Perhaps it is a sign that Interleague play has lost so much of its novelty - and purpose - that just visiting a park for the first time in almost 100 years warrants three straight days of drooling.

Never mind that the series didn't actually affect the standings. Just neglect the fact that the Red Sox are stacked with stars, while the Cubs are stacked with the over-the-hill gang.

This was absolutely made for television (sense the sarcasm here?).

The rivalry might still have its appeal, but the Cubs and Cardinals series that just completed won't be remembered for the baseball that was played.

Two blowouts and a sloppy 24-hit extravaganza (featuring 20 singles) did nothing to add to the history that surrounds the battle between the two clubs.

Instead the games will be remembered for three things that took place mostly outside the games: the hug, the deluge after the deluge and fake Tony LaRussa.

Cubs series roundup: Quiet bats doom Cubs, drop 2 of 3 to Reds

The series against Cincinnati might not have gone the way the Cubs were hoping, but it did help to put the Cubs back on track.

Finally the team looked like the one that was expected to be playing coming into the season.

The starting pitching was solid. Matt Garza may have had his worst start of the season, but Ryan Dempster (still not wholly convinced he is back yet) and Casey Coleman pitched well enough to keep Chicago in the game.

It was again the hitting that was suspect.

Coming into the series against the Fighting Seligs, you could have imagined that the Cubs would have been lucky to leave with just a single victory.

Instead the Seligs allowed Chicago to come away with two wins and close the season series with a 3-3 record.

Just going by performance so far, it isn't hard to see how amazing that is. The Cubs were throwing James Russell (who it finally appears is off the hook in the 5th starter spot as Chicago will go with a four-man rotation for the time being*) and Ryan Dempster out there. Plus the inconsistent Carlos Zambrano doesn't give anyone a warm sensation in their belly.

The Cubs seemed doomed.

Cubs series roundup: Split with Arizona extends Cubs hitting woes

The rainout condensed the Colorado series to two games and the way the Cubs lost didn't yield any real data to look at the team beyond the bullpen (more on that later). But it is always helpful to have that four game series to follow up a short one in order to make the numbers come alive.

Chicago split the series against the Diamondbacks, which allows them to scrape together a 4-3 mark to end the season series against Arizona.

That the season series is already over is a tad bit of a joke, but it gives the team an important benchmark to judge their strength through the opening month of the season.

Cubs series roundup: Dodger bats don't slow down

Something happened over the weekend; the Chicago Cubs managed to get worse.

Playing against Bud Selig's new toy, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Cubs gave up 27 runs over three days.

Amazingly, they managed to win a game, a game that at one point, they held a 90 percent chance of winning, that went to 8 percent over the next 4 innings.

Yes, that is the Cubs this year, channeling the ghosts of the 1983 "Winnin' Ugly" White Sox. How else can you explain how the team has managed to avoid slipping into oblivion already this season?

Cubs series roundup: Cubs scratch out 2 against Padres to remain .500

San Diego is not Colorado. All signs in the final game to the contrary, when the Padres found the plug they kicked out of the socket to restore their power, San Diego can't hit.

While the Cubs needed to outslug the Rockies to just scrape up one win, they needed to outlast the Padres to get two.

Two extra inning wins are still two wins and ones that the Cubs will gladly take given how they had to win them.

The Rockies handed the Cubs another series loss with a 9-5 win Sunday. And for the first time this season, at least the Cubs on paper deserved to lose two out of three games.

Colorado is the hottest team in baseball and what should scare people is that they aren’t only winning at home. They have taken their team, built to win in the spacious Coors Field, and found ways to win on the road.

The Cubs will see that first-hand in about a week.

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