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Cubs ship Sean Marshall to Cincinnati for Travis Wood

The Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds closed in on a trade Wednesday night that would send left-handed reliever Sean Marshall to the Queen City in return for Travis Wood and two still-unnamed minor leaguers.

The Cubs are looking to bolster a rotation that needed help, and continue to add depth in the farm system lacking much to get excited about. Marshall was one of the few pieces with any value at the major league level, and the Cubs managed to get a decent haul back for them, no matter who the two yet unknowns turn out to be.

During the rush to the trade deadline this summer, Marshall looked to be about the only Cubs that would change uniforms. Somehow Chicago managed to move Kosuke Fukudome, but Marhsall's bags must have been packed for the entire month of July.

Only the trade never happened. Some speculated that the outgoing Hendry administration didn't want to make any moves that could cost the new front office pieces to deal with. That makes sense, if only in retrospect. There was no telling who the new GM would be, nor what value the club would continue to place on a middle relief arm.

Bullpen strength is fungible. One year a team has it, the next it is gone. Relievers rotate between the big club and Triple-A all season long. A player with a 2.5 WAR might quickly turn into one that registers below replacement. Missing an opportunity to trade the lefty at his peak when teams were seeking bullpen help seems like a missed opportunity.

Cubs trade possibilities slim before July deadline

There is a little more than a month remaining before the trade deadline, and the Cubs are firmly in the seller basket.

Chicago is thirteen games under .500, 10 games back of the Cardinals or Brewers, depending on which way the wind is blowing, or who is rained out.

The farm system needs some life (even if the Tennessee Smokies look like the New York Yankees when it comes to the Southern League All-Star team), especially after the best prospects were sent to Tampa for Matt Garza.

But the Cubs are in a poor position because there is almost no one to sell.

Injuries around the league should have Cubs trying to move Ramirez

It started with the Tampa Bay Rays, and quickly spread to now have impacted Florida, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Washington, San Francisco (twice) and Los Angeles.

It is a rash of injuries to third basemen around the league, injuries that have knocked out some of the top players in the game at the hot corner.

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